Fortunately, I Now Have Inspiration

Fortunately, it is my favorite part of my day, writing time. Unfortunately, I am not feeling creative. Fortunately, I can use a prompt I recently read about on Erica Johnson’s blog,

Fortunately, I have a plethora of colorful markers near me. Unfortunately, the dull, gloomy colors are calling my name today. Fortunately, I can choose a vibrant one to help energize me.

Fortunately, I can compose in my notebook with cross-offs, restarts, and doodles. Unfortunately, my blog only allows straight line typing, not capturing the true notebooked form. Fortunately, my blog allows me to share my thoughts with others who are intrigued by the title or phrase.

Fortunately, I now have a Slice every day. Unfortunately, there are still 16 days left. Fortunately, I have many blogs to read daily for inspiration.

Fortunately, this prompt got the writing juices flowing and I still have 45 minutes to create…

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11 responses to “Fortunately, I Now Have Inspiration”

  1. This could easily be a gratitude journal post! As for the notebook vs blog posting…it is okay to post a picture of your notebook as a daily offering! I seem to remember one such Slicer that did just that–she preferred writing by hand. Wish I could remember who it was! Eleven years of writing and reading posts has exposed me to a lot of great thinkers and writers.

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  2. Fortunately, I came to your Doodads and Doodles blog today. I laughed when I read, “Fortunately, I now have a Slice every day. Unfortunately, there are still 16 days left.” I can so relate! Every day I say, “OK, ___ down, and I’m still going.” All the best finding inspiration!

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  3. I like how Erica and you both wrapped the unfortunate with two fortunate. That creates such a more positive mindset. You will find those other 16 slices because fortunately, you have some amazing writing friends! 😉

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  4. I love how you approached this prompt and you’re right it’s interesting to see how the writing changes from the notebook to a more rigid format like blogging! I’m glad I could inspire


  5. What a cool slice. There is a real rhythm to the fortunate, unfortunate theme that is such fun to read! Pity we can’t write on the screen with coloured markers. I guess you could take a photo of your notebook page?

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